The engineering mentorship programs provide students, newly graduates, and junior professional engineers with guidance and opportunities to grow. The mentors have one goal in mind, which is to help the members excel and standout. They believe in giving back to the community and empowering the younger generations. Each member attending the program would leave feeling empowered from the knowledge and advice received from mentors, speakers, and professional guests. The program revolves around interaction between all individuals and is set up to give mentees a one-on-one experience.

Many things are discussed at the program including life and goal developing advice. The most recent mentorship involved two well-respected mentors, Majed Al-Ghafry, Assistant City Manager, City of Dallas and Khaled Elgamal, President of K&A Engineering.

The topics covered were very informative and educational, it included:

  • Challenges one might encounter
  • Tips on resume and cover letter building
  • How to achieve your career goals and grow
  • The importance of keeping the brain and body healthy
  • Discussions about getting a higher degree

The aspiration of this mentorship is to ensure every member is helped and mentored to the best path in career decisions. With different resources such as, mock interviews and professional interview preparation tips, as well as, opportunities presented for internships, jobs, and networking. The mentoring and professional relationships created at these programs are ones that can last a lifetime.