Motasem Aljaafreh

Motasem Aljaafreh is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas with a master’s degree of Engineering in Civil Engineering and Management from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the same institution. Currently serves as a Senior Civil Design Engineer for the Public Works Department of Dallas County, where he assists in the Five-Phase Project Delivery System which includes the planning phase of roadways, trails, and other projects. Primary design, design completion and Right of Way initiation, ROW completion and utility adjustment, and construction. Additionally, Motasem assists and performs other duties for other County departments, agencies, and stakeholders. Prior to this, Motasem served as a Civil Design Engineer for the Planning and Development Department of Dallas County, where he assisted in the planning of roadways, trails, and other projects, reviewed engineering design plans, prepared and reviewed right of way documents and maps, prepared plans, specifications, estimates, bid documents, and proposals for construction projects. Prior to this, Motasem served for the Infrastructure Department of the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA). Motasem is a graduate of the national NACo High-Performance Leadership Academy, the Dallas County Leadership and Management Academy, and Lean Six Sigma, all of which have equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in his career. Motasem is a member of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Honor Society Organization, Arab American Association of Engineers & Architects, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Motasem is committed to utilizing his education and experiences to make a positive impact in the community and beyond.